Important message - Please read!.

  • You can enter a full string eg. not consistent with applying discipline. These words will be matched together but not neccesarily as a phrase.

  • If required, narrow your search further down by entering a word or phrase in the second search box eg. poor performance. Click the AND condition.

  • Further refine your search by entering another word or string in the last block eg. shopsteward and tick the And operator.


  • Auto suggested words will appear as you enter your search request. These can be ignored.

  • Unreasonable delay in the prosecution of a review application in terms of section 158(1)(h) of the LRA. This string could better be broken up by searching for unreasonable delay AND 158(1)(h) AND review application. By AND we mean ticking the AND operator

  • Copy from an external source and paste it into the search engine.

  • Case references may be used EG (2011) 3 ilj 258

  • Severance pay AND 41(6) (remember the system is not case sensitive)

  • You can find a specific case by entering c611* This will list the titles of all cases starting with c611.

  • You can search simultaneously in as many jurisdictions as you wish